Twenty Two is a mix of contemporary flair and comfort, enmeshed within the image of a stylish wine lounge. It marked its birth during the summer of 2006, with the intentions of creating a new concept in evening entertainment.

On entering the lounge, you are welcomed at the bar, which serves a number of refreshing, crisp cocktails. These range from Classic Cocktails to the latest avant-garde symphonies, whereby the main area is dominated by comfortable and elegant seating with mirrored tops and leather sofas.

The elevated area offers exclusive seating as well as dance space, and has been fitted with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system. There is also a DJ stand in this area.Twenty Two is ideal for lounging or for a private event. Soft lightning and elaborate decoration will add that extra spice to your evening.

With its chic environment, this venue creates a ‘party within a party’, which is definitely ideal for the elite and the exclusive.

Twenty Two is well known for its music policy, chill-out, 80s, 90s, and latest tunes.

The establishment is designed by one of Malta’s leading interior designers Pippa Toledo, featuring the latest design trends from New York, London, Paris, and Madrid.

Twenty Two has been proud to host a wide selection of VIP guests from the world of Music, Film, Television, Fashion, Gaming, Sports and Business..



– Makie VLZ 1604 Live Mixer
– Eccler Nuo 3 DJ Mixer
– 3 x Bose Amplifiers approx. 3000 watt.
– 8 x Bose FOH speakers
– 12 x Bose Surround Speakers
– 5 x Bose Bass bins
– 2x AKG Cordless Microphones
– 1 Rode Cardiode Mic
– 3 effects units T. G. Electronics with Reverb- Sabre Feedback Destroyer
– 1 Harvey Pure Live Bass Amp- Sauter Pure Design Limited upright piano
– 4 Stage Monitor Speakers
– 1 Cloud Amp for Stage Monitors


– 1 Pulsar Light Mixing Code
– 8 Clay Paky moving heads of profile
– 6 Clay Paky Moving Heads Flood
– Comtrex Lighting Controller
– Al House Lighting on dimmer packs controlled by 2 Comtrex Controllers
– Automation for all blinds and curtains including stage curtains.


– Philips Projector with RCA/BNC or RGB Connections
– Philips DVD Player
– Marantz CD Player
– Sony Minidisc Player
– Philips VHS Player
– 2x DJM200 Pioneer CD Players